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News n. 1 - joan of arc a cura di Kotaku Staff
Jeanne D'Arc Is Great, Flock Is Supremely Chill, And More Video Game Takes For The Week

This week, a Pokémon GO event accidentally reminded us of how much better the game used to be. Also, PSP tactical RPG classic Jeanne d’Arc hit PlayStation Plus and we just had to sing its praises. We also vented about how frustrating trying to become a PC gamer can be, and oohed and ahhed at the wonder of video game…


Data articolo: Sat, 20 Jul 2024 16:00:00 GMT

News n. 2 - crowdstrike a cura di Kotaku Staff
No Man's Sky's Huge Overhaul, The Software Update That Stopped The World, And More Of The Week's Top Stories

This week saw No Man’s Sky, a game that has repeatedly reinvented itself in the years since its release, get one of its biggest overhauls ever. Not to be outdone, Baldur’s Gate 3 also got a patch that rounds out the game nicely. Also, the FTC responded to Microsoft’s latest Xbox Live price hike, calling it “exactly…


Data articolo: Sat, 20 Jul 2024 13:00:00 GMT

News n. 3 - soh a cura di Ethan Gach
Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess: The Kotaku Review

Get a maiden to the shrine. Strike down all of the demons standing in her way. Purge defilement from a mountain and restore the land to its natural harmony and splendor. That’s Kunitsu-Gami: Path of the Goddess in a nutshell, and one of my favorite things about it is how little it strays from that humble,…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 20:10:00 GMT

News n. 4 - politics a cura di Zack Zwiezen
Donald Trump's Twitch Account Unbanned After 3+ Years

Today, Twitch unbanned Donald Trump’s official channel. The Amazon-owned video game streaming site reversed the ban due to Trump’s status as the official Republican nominee in 2024's presidential election, following the party’s convention earlier this week.


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 20:00:00 GMT

News n. 5 - anakin skywalker a cura di Alyssa Mercante
Star Wars: The Acolyte Gives Reylo Fans The Romance They Always Wanted

The Star Wars fandom is a fraught, fervent place. In the modern age, online communities rallying around franchises are often composed of numerous splinter groups, and Star Wars is no exception—it’s got far-right reactionaries, original trilogy boomers, millennial prequel loyalists, Gen Z animated series lovers, and,…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 19:30:00 GMT

News n. 6 - flintlock the siege of dawn a cura di Billy Givens
Flintlock: Six Tips To Build Your Power And Slay Your Foes

Flintlock: The Siege of Dawn isn’t likely to make it to the top of most folks’ list of hardest soulslike titles, but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t offer a challenge—especially if you’re not taking full advantage of everything the game has to offer.


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 18:45:00 GMT

News n. 7 - bungie a cura di Moises Taveras
Here's Why The Destiny 2 Community Is Cracking Jokes About The Crowdstrike Outage

Earlier today, most of the world effectively shut down thanks to an IT outage. A cybersecurity company named Crowdstrike pushed out an update that bricked millions of PCs around the world, resulting in blue screens of death (BSODs) globally. They might’ve even got the Sphere in Vegas! It’s the closest we’ve come to a…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 18:35:00 GMT

News n. 8 - cd projekt red a cura di Willa Rowe
New Witcher 3 Mod Gives The Game A Full-Fledged Reputation System

Modders of The Witcher 3 have only had official tools from developer CD Projekt Red for two months, but they’ve already made great use of them. One ambitious modder was able to recreate some of the first game’s map with the new tools only a day after they were released. More recently, a new mod has given the already…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 16:45:00 GMT

News n. 9 - netease a cura di Ethan Gach
Once Human Devs Delete Post Asking Players To Leave Positive Steam Reviews After New Update Breaks Stuff

Once Human’s post-launch rollercoaster ride continues apace after a new update broke certain items and bases in the game. While frustrating for players and another headache for the developers, the funniest part is that the fresh problems arose just as the developers were asking fans to boost the survival MMO’s rating…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 16:25:00 GMT

News n. 10 - logan a cura di Moises Taveras
Final Deadpool & Wolverine Trailer Spoils The Whole Damn Thing

For someone who doesn’t care about Deadpool at all, I sure have been finding myself writing about him, his movies, and playing with his ass a bit more than I anticipated. It’s with that in mind that I come to deliver my latest missive: don’t watch the final trailer for Deadpool & Wolverine if you care at all about…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 16:15:00 GMT

News n. 11 - elden ring a cura di Claire Jackson, John Walker, Moises Taveras, Willa Rowe, and Carolyn Petit
Kotaku’s Weekend Guide: 6 Engrossing Games To Distract You From The World

Oh, hi. Welcome to a totally normal weekend after a totally normal weekend where absolutely nothing troubling or strange happened whatsoever. There’s simply nothing that we’re turning to digital worlds to keep our minds off of. Why would you suggest a thing?


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 16:05:00 GMT

News n. 12 - video games developed in japan a cura di Billy Givens
This Shadow Of The Erdtree Ash Of War Will Give You The Biggest Sword

In Elden Ring, applying an Ash of War to a weapon can completely change its usefulness to your build. Carian Sovereignty is one such Ash of War that Intelligence builds aren’t going to want to miss in the game’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. It can absolutely decimate your foes with a giant magical sword. Awesome.


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 15:35:00 GMT

News n. 13 - ana a cura di Willa Rowe
You Can Try Overwatch 2’s Groovy New Support Hero For A Limited Time This Weekend

The newest Overwatch hero is playable starting today for a limited time. Juno, a support hero Blizzard began teasing as far back as last year’s BlizzCon, brings a space-age flair to the hero shooter when she joins the roster as part of Season 12 when it launches on August 20. Based on Juno’s reveal trailer, it already…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 15:00:00 GMT

News n. 14 - nadine mills a cura di Tara Clapper
Supacell Episode 3 Review: Control And Community

The first two episodes of Supacell could have done a more thorough job of focusing on Sabrina (Nadine Mills) and other women in the show. Instead, they’ve served primarily as support characters for the male narrative. So Sabrina’s episode is the one I’ve been waiting for, as it brings her superpowered struggles into…


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 13:37:42 GMT

News n. 15 - crowdstrike a cura di John Walker
The Whole World Came To A Halt Thanks To A Single Software Update

Americans are waking up this morning to discover that the whole world isn’t working properly. It’s a crisis that has spread around the planet, grounding flights, shutting down hospital procedures, and causing worldwide travel chaos, and it’s all because of a single software update by cyber-security firm Crowdstrike.


Data articolo: Fri, 19 Jul 2024 10:55:00 GMT

News n. 16 - paramount a cura di Zack Zwiezen
Halo TV Show Canceled After Just Two Seasons

Paramount+ announced today that it has canceled Xbox’s Halo TV show after its second season. The team behind the show is reportedly looking to shop the sci-fi adaption around to other places in an effort to continue the series.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 22:45:00 GMT

News n. 17 - technology internet a cura di Ethan Gach
FTC Calls Xbox Game Pass Price Hike 'Exactly The Sort Of Consumer Harm' It Tried To Stop

On Wednesday, the Federal Trade Commission pointed to Microsoft’s recent pricing overhaul of Xbox Game Pass as evidence of the harm its merger with Activision Blizzard has had on consumers. The agency filed a new letter in its ongoing appeal of last year’s deal, calling the changes “exactly the sort of consumer harm…


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 22:05:00 GMT

News n. 18 - best buy a cura di Moises Taveras
No Man’s Sky’s Update Has Reminded Me How Cool Video Game Water Can Be

Earlier this week, No Man’s Sky announced its latest update, which apparently refreshes the entire universe to make it more diverse and lively. As part of the update, No Man’s Sky is also getting some graphical advancements from the studio’s upcoming survival game Light No Fire, and the most exciting bit of it for me…


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 20:55:00 GMT

News n. 19 - meyer a cura di Brandon Morgan
The Best Place To Farm Tin Ore In Once Human

As a crafting-survival game with a surprising depth, Once Human doesn’t shy away from the basics of the genre, either. You have countless resources necessary for crafting and construction. Various tools are required to harvest specific resources, with upgrades needed for late-game materials.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 20:15:00 GMT

News n. 20 - micropayment a cura di Zack Zwiezen
82 Percent Of Adult Gamers Have Spent Money In A F2P Game, New Study Shows

A newly published report claims that the majority of adults in the United States play video games of some kind. It also found that most of them have spent real money on in-app purchases in a free-to-play game.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 20:05:00 GMT

News n. 21 - windows games a cura di Samuel Moreno
How to Clear Out Palworld’s Brutal Oil Rig Stronghold

Palworld’s Sakurajima update massively expanded the game when it launched on June 27, update, 2024. Although most of the new content can be found within the new Sakurajima region, one of the biggest additions is tucked away on the other side of the map—an Oil Rig Stronghold with a staggering amount of enemies and…


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 19:20:58 GMT

News n. 22 - american people of german descent a cura di Ethan Gach
Report: FBI Believes Trump Gunman Steam Post May Have Actually Been A Fake [Update]

Thomas Matthew Crooks, the 20-year-old man identified as the gunman behind the attempted assassination of former president Donald Trump at a campaign rally last week, doesn’t appear to have posted about the attack ahead of time on Valve’s PC gaming storefront, Steam, after all.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 19:15:19 GMT

News n. 23 - yasutaka nakata a cura di Billy Givens
Shadow Of The Erdtree: Where To Find The Rolling Sparks Ash Of War

Rolling Sparks is an Ash of War added in Elden Ring’s Shadow of the Erdtree expansion. It’s a powerful ability on its own, but when combined with the Lightning Perfume Bottle and the right loadout, it can provide devastating damage to bosses. Learn more about it in our Lightning Perfumer build guide.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 18:30:00 GMT

News n. 24 - disney a cura di Zack Zwiezen
Someone Ported The Best Simpsons Game To PS Vita

The best Simpsons game ever made has been ported to Sony’s old but still beloved portable console, the PS Vita. And it looks like a pretty awesome way to replay the classic game.


Data articolo: Thu, 18 Jul 2024 18:20:00 GMT

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